Our professionals provide logistic and commercial counsel in animal originated proteins and fats products commerce. They are manufactured and elaborated in South America for international destinations.

Our added value consists in providing assistance ranging from business generation, quality control and final distribution (land or sea) of the end product for a most economic alternative. We guarantee a safe and successful distribution of the goods.

Because Lambabue S.R.L works together with prestigious trade agencies, forwarders, surveyors and traders to ensure the export process from beginning to end.


Lambabue S.R.L developed a logistic and commercial system which include:

» Container’s coordinates at the supplier’s plant.
» Official sanitary entity control as far as documentation regulation is concerned.
» External auditing for quality control, previous to the loading of the merchandise.
» Guarantee to meet the final product’s bacteriological and physicochemical specifications.

Our technical department team has trained professional and technicians in Business Administration, Agronomy, Veterinary and International Commerce.

Technical and commercial assistance for both, customer’s and suppliers is what separates us apart form any other animal nutrition alternatives.

We are in constant technical and commercial update to keep up with the dynamic international market.